Time To Change

Dear Society,

It’s time for a makeover; a makeover of thought patterns and norms. It’s time we realize that short clothes or red lipstick doesn’t make a woman characterless. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see a woman working after marriage. Boys wearing dresses or putting on makeup doesn’t make them any less masculine. It’s time we no longer judge people based on their sexual preferences. Let us accept that sexuality is a spectrum and it does not matter whether you want to stay on one side of the spectrum or explore it all. Talks about menstruation should no longer be hushed. It’s time we impart proper sex education to all. Let us stop body shaming others, for we may not know their health issues or basal metabolic rate. It’s high time we accept mental illness as a serious problem that requires proper medical attention. Let’s stop pushing our children towards a particular stream, let them explore their own interests and dreams. It’s time we give everyone the respect they deserve, respect their dreams and aspirations, their highs and lows, their choices in life and treat them as we would want them to treat us.

Yours sincerely,

A citizen desperate for positive reforms.

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