‘tis the season?

Author: Himadri Krishna


Sparkling eyes and gold champagne drips from the bottle of dreams she holds.

Spring flew away and autumn missed her home.

Summer has been gone for quite some time and rain wishes for closure.

Winter is the only one left but she's too busy getting drunk on champagne and cola ice-pops.

It's winter now and no one can find her.

It's time for her performance but she's disappeared.

Huddled in the back of the dressing room

she cowers trying to shut out

the din of people screaming to look at her.

Gold drips down her skin mixing with the snowflakes on her hips.

Only if summer was here.

Her name is called out in a din of cacophony

There is a poet;

And there is poetry.

Jumbled words making no sense

Spinning the words of Winter’s youth

Her head is spinning and there is no one left.

Summer oh summer

Red lipped, honeyed drips

Whipped candied melts as she waits

For winter to find her.

For everybody knows;

Summer always comes back again.


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