To Arcady


I had tried to fight,

Like a fiendish bird

Caught in a cage.

I beat my wings,

Jumped to the bars and

Sang a dreadful song.

But a bird can never

Break out of its cage

Wrought with iron bars,

No more than I could

Break out of my fate

Written by iron hands.

And so I lie down,

Mind and body

Utterly exhausted

And the hot fire

Burning within me,


My eyes glaze over,

And I float aimlessly

In a pool of darkness.

I ache with grief

As it presses in on me

And I feel cold all over.

I crave to be free,

To fly

And escape

To some paradise

To Arcady


Author ~ Sai Srujan Reddy

Editor ~ Prisha

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