To die or to hide

when they come for you

guns blazing, eyes flashing

will you hide, or will you die?

haven’t you hidden your whole life

waiting for this very moment

haven’t you cowered for so long

under the bed among the monsters?

is it better to keep hidden or just to


why did you hide so long

only to be killed

where is the fair and the right

the karma when you need it?

the monsters don’t help

they make things worse, like always

but like family they are there

isn’t that what you have been

taught to accept? conditional love,

but they say unconditional love is a myth made up by broken people.

are you broken?

isn’t everybody, you might ask, everybody needs therapy but no one accepts that.

are the monsters consoling? you might belong with them.

it’s not surprising, given your history.

do you think that?

do you deserve to die? or are you going to hide?

Author: Shriya Simran Pradhan

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