To Dreams!

Dreams. That word has a different meaning in everyone’s lives. To some it may be having three meals a day, to some it maybe having a car, to some it maybe being famous, etc. but what is common in all of these million dreams, is the core idea of having what they can’t have, or is hard for them to have. Some people question, “If I can’t have a particular thing then why do I even think about having it?” And I completely agree, that’s a valid question. I feel like the correct answer here would be, that in order to keep going, you have to have dreams. You’ll have a reason to wake up every morning, in the hope of getting closer to your dreams.

Sometimes we look at celebrities and think“Damn, they are living a dream” but what we often forget is that ten years ago they were also at home and only dreaming about being a celebrity. The struggle they’ve been through, the number of times they’ve fallen, the many times they’ve felt like it’s all over. But what they had was the passion to achieve it; they had the courage to live their dream; and most importantly, they had a dream to look forward to and work hard for.

I’ve seen many people saying, “What’s the point of dreaming, it’s not like it's going to come true.” If we look at the world from that perspective, then what’s the point of living? We’re going to die one day anyway. Everything will be wrong if we start looking at it that way.

Dreaming isn’t bad, it’s just that it’s so daring of you to have the courage to dream, that people try to bring you down. Those people are the ones who couldn’t fulfill their dreams and fear that if we accomplish ours, they will be inferior to us.

The main reason to have dreams, as I mentioned earlier, is that you’ll have a reason to wake up every morning in hope of getting close to your dreams, which’ll keep you going.

To dreams!

Author: Danya

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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