To my lover

To my lover,

I cannot explain to you the ways you have profoundly touched my life. You woke me from nightmares, and led me to daydream about you. You make me feel like dew on tufts of grass at dawn, and strokes of colour in the sky at dusk, you add beauty to me. The way you embrace my mind and soul, the way you treat me as your own and the way you tend to my needs make me fall even more in love with you each day. I long to see your gorgeous face each morning and laugh to myself, dreaming of roaming the world with you. I long to look at that smile which lightens up my world. Your presence in my life makes the sun shine brighter and the moon look even prettier than she already is. I always wonder how you manage to do this to me.

I want to go on long drives with you to nowhere in particular. I wanna lie on sand and watch the waves crash on the shore with you. I wanna dance with you to the most meaningless of songs, and I wanna conquer the world with you. Nothing seems impossible when you’re next to me, the world seems like my playground and you, my feet. You guide me when I seek guidance. Reassure me when I seek comfort, comfort me when I seek hope, and give me hope when I seek sanctuary. You have seen me at my absolute worst and have felt the things I felt when I was going through storms. You have battled those waters with me, and engulfed me in love when I needed it. You saved me from drowning and were my anchor in the most monstrous of situations. You instilled me with hope every time I lost myself, and showered me with affection every time I felt numb.

It is difficult. It isn’t easy putting up with my ever-changing frame of mind and my insecurities but you do it with the utmost grace and beauty. You make me feel like a million dollars and never fail to leave me in awe of your exceedingly impressive capabilities.

I am proud of the person you are, and the person I am because of you. No amount of words will be enough to express my appreciation towards you. Even the English language falls short to aid me to convey the things I feel about you.

You make my world a better place to live in, and you make me a better person each day.

For everything you are,

Each and every crevice of your existence in my life,

I love you.

Now, and forever.

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