To the Gents, the Ladies and them Non-binary Daisies

Dear people of this messed up world,

I have no idea what courage and sheer badassery is required to live and love despite people, friends and even family being despicable to you. But I bet it ain't fun.

Yet, here we are, with a whole month beautifully and rightfully dedicated to the LGBTGQIA+ community. A lot of the time people don't understand what it means to be aware of and support this community. I'll accept that I am one of them. All I know is that all my friends in this community are absolutely wonderful, especially after I found out about them.

I've loved the rainbow ever since I was little. I've been so fascinated and in awe of it. Its added meaning from this community makes it even more beautiful. The rainbow is nothing more than a perfect harmonious collection of so many different colours and hues and I think it is indeed the best way to describe my idea of the perfect world- a society sans barriers and divides.

Yes, I know it seems idealistic and I know that this view is definitely utopic, but I think that the reforms and the revolution, yes revolution indeed, that the rainbow community is capable of bringing about- if I were to put it simply, it can change the world and that is exactly what we need in these difficult times.

But I am not here to tell you that change is the only constant or what pride month is about or flex my knowledge on the beautiful genders and sexualities that exist in our world. No, I am here to tell you that appreciating this community and acknowledging their struggles and helping them by fostering an environment of equity and justice and peace- that is not simply what this entire month is about, no, this should be our goal all year round.

Because no matter how different or weird one person may seem to you due to their caste, colour, race, religion, sexuality or literally any other reason that comes to our messed up human minds, each and every one of us is beautiful, unique and we all deserve a confetti shower of hope and love from all those around us because that is how we can give meaning to our lives and that is how we can make this world a better place.


I & V💘

Authors: Iffah Peerzada and V.R. Kapse

Editor: Vedant Vaswani

Authors: Iffah Peerzada and V.R. Kapse

Editor: Vedant Vaswani

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