To the Me of Yesterday

To the Me of Yesterday,

Yesterday you were not okay. Today, everyday you tell yourself that you'll feel better from tomorrow. A fresh start. A new beginning. That tomorrow isn't coming. And through all these years you have survived and thrived, is a proof that you aren't going down. But not now. Not before you have exhausted all the years of your life. Every day you breathe is your victory over thousands who are defeated by life everyday.

There's no bad day ever, even if you feel like breaking down. You are a flowering tree even if one flower withers away, another will bloom. Fall is always chased by spring. You will blossom nevertheless.

If you feel like the road ahead is full of hurdles, do not stop. Remember how far you came making place for yourself in the congestion. Slowly keep moving, you need not exhaust yourself. Because pace is what anyone can have, but patience is not what everybody possesses. You are here because you came this far on your own. Wherever you stand today, you earned it. Take pride in it.

You have yelled at people. You have avoided people. You have distanced yourself from people. Do not take the burden of guilt, because they are your people and they care for you more than their ego. And if they do not, they are not worth your emotions. Do not waste your emotions on empty people. You and not others are responsible for yourself. You are accountable to yourself and not others.

You want to take a day or two off.

Take it. You want to sleep for 14 hours a day. Do it. You do not want to keep the calorie count. Don't.

You do not want to get up. Snuggle in your bed all day. You want to dress up and party. Go for it. Do whatever you want because you are worth everything you can afford. Nothing is more important than you. You love yourself. And your body is your home. You can just sit back and relax. Let nobody hamper your peace. Nobody can ever tell you anything is wrong with you, if you don't feel it is. Because people are mere distractions. And you are your soul's artwork, your brain's genius, your body's workshop and your conscience's meditation.

The love you seek from others, you deserve it from yourself the most.

Loving you always,

The Me of Today.

Author: Arushi Dubey

Editor: Aadit Anand

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