To The Praetor

Fifth Cohort, Camp Jupiter Oakland Hills, San Francisco Bay Area California

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Dear Jason,

Am I allowed to call you that? Should I be addressing this letter to Praetor Grace? I know we've only had one conversation, but somehow I find myself writing this to you. It feels strange writing an informal letter to someone I barely know, but I couldn't think of anyone else to write to.

It probably doesn't make any sense to leave letters to a guy that's disappeared, but I think that's the only reason I feel comfortable enough doing this. But do you remember the conversation we had had? A month before you vanished? I was upset I had no one to write home to. Hazel hadn't shown up, then, and it was so lonely during the last few hours before curfew.

It was suffocating, being in a room full of kids that went back home to their families in New Rome for the weekend or to hear them talk about how they were going to spend the summer abroad with their mom or dad. I hadn't meant to complain to you that day, I really hadn't.

Speaking of which, I'm really sorry for dumping everything onto you. I knew you were stressed about being the 'leader' and having to be the perfect example to everyone for being the son of Jupiter, but I still ended up relying on you for support. Sorry for the extra burden. I hope that stress isn't the reason you left, because I'd feel guilty not being able to support you the same way you did me.

Even though our encounter was fleeting, I will forever be grateful. Did you know you were my first friend here? I don't know if you considered me a friend, but I did you. You told me I wasn't alone and that Camp Jupiter was my home now. I was grateful, but when you said I could write a letter to you, or another friend, I thought that was stupid.

I mean, why would I need to write to someone that I saw every single day? I think I regret not doing it now, though. Maybe I wouldn't feel as lost if I had just told you how grateful I was to you before last week. Maybe we could have been close.

I should stop thinking about possible maybes. I just want you to know that you aren't alone and that people miss you. Reyna misses you. Fifth Cohort, too. Everyone says the curse is back, but I think that's bull. You never believed in the curse, and the entirety of when you were here, neither did anyone else. I'm going to put my faith in you. If I keep believing that we aren't cursed and keep writing letters, will my feelings be able to reach you?

Dumb question, feelings can’t be sent, that's what letters are for. But I don't know where you are, so I can only stuff this in the tiny slot of your mailbox and hope you'll come back soon.

Thanks for listening. You really are a great Praetor, to be able to ease my worries without even being around. This might not ever even reach you, but thank you. I'm really grateful that out of everyone that could have been supportive to me, it was you.

I hope wherever you are, you find peace.

Best wishes, Evie Sakarya

Author: Suditi Mukadam Editor: Charu Sabharwal

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