Too Late


Is it love?

She asked herself.

She couldn't decide, for she had never been loved.

Do I love him?

She was unsure,

For she had never loved before.

Does he love me?

She hoped,

But doubt creeped into her mind.

But then she came along.

It was as if he could see no one else.

She was the shining star in his eyes.

Does he love her?

She shattered.

She should have known, she'd never fall in love.

Does he look at me the way he looks at her?

She thought not.

For who could ever care for her?

Will he forget me?

She glumly accepted it,

The pain that came with watching him leave.

Should I have given up?

She wondered,

He probably thought she didn't care for him.

Would he have accepted?

She should have confessed,

But she was too cowardly.

It doesn't matter now...

She reminded herself.

He was already gone.

And she was alone.

He had found his other half,

She was too late.



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