Too much to hide

There is too much to hide in today’s world. Nobody wants to accept that they feel sad, happy, angry, guilty, or any emotion for that matter. I mean, it isn’t wrong to have emotions. We are humans, not robots. We are allowed to have emotions and we should feel lucky that we know how to express them. But we don’t, for some reason. For example, if you plan a surprise for someone you expect them to be happy when they see it. But what if they are happy and just do not express it? Wouldn’t you feel bad? You obviously would cause you've worked so hard just to bring a smile on their face, but they instead have a blank, emotionless face. You don’t know they are happy inside. You will think that they didn’t like it.

In today's world sending a smiley emoji to a surprise is something very normal. I feel like expressing emotions through emojis is just not enough. The least that can be done is to send a video of yourself to show that you are actually happy and appreciate their efforts.

People who express that they are sad or angry and labelled as ‘sensitive’, people who express their guilt or happiness are labelled as ‘dramatic’. Why are people given such labels? To me they are the most courageous people. They have the courage to express how they feel and let others know that something is making them sad or happy.

Expressing needs courage because with expressing emotions come consequences. People use your weaknesses against you, to bring you down, to threaten you or to blackmail you. This has resulted in people not being able to express their emotions. Cruel mankind has led to emotionless faces. Now, the only way people smile is through emojis.

Author: Danya

Editor: Janki Nair

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