How about being trapped in a cell phone? That’s a crazy thought isn’t it? Imagine actually being in a cellphone and read ahead.   

How dos it feel to be on other side of the screen? A little warmer I presume. With the variety of applications surrounding you, you’re probably going to have the time of your life. But wait! Hold on! Let’s wait a while before deciding whether you enjoy

being there or you start to complain about being trapped!  

The bugs are so annoying!! If the applications do not respond well you’ll be able to yell at them face to face. If your storage space is filling up you’ll be able to delete unnecessary things easily. Also here’s the fun part, if you happen to be trapped inside your friend’s phone, spying on them and uncovering their secrets would be the easiest thing you could do. Next, you’ll also be able to play pranks! You could send texts without the owner knowing they sent it and then sit back and watch the confusion! If you’re a nice person, you would just keep your nose out of the business of others and just play some games.  

A few hours in, you’ll gradually start feeling warmer and lethargic as your battery starts to drain. You’ll start watching some YouTube videos, browse the internet and scroll through the Instagram feed like a basic teenager. At this time, posting the weirdest pictures of your friends from their accounts would be a totally mischievous but subtly fun thing to do (well the ultimate teenage dream is to ruin the social media presence of their friends) and being a mute spectator of the scandalizing comment section to follow would turn out to be a sadistic but fun experience. There’s always the probability of being witness a phone call which could either be as boring as watching paint dry or as interesting as an Agatha Christie book. You don’t really want to invade their privacy by eavesdropping but you don’t really have a choice eavesdrop you’re trapped inside the damn phone!

Don’t get too happy though, let’s see how mundane things get? You’ll have an unrequited feeling of love towards the internet because a majority of the services of a phone are way better with the internet but the internet doesn’t get paid enough to be with the user all day and leaves you as desperate, mad due to its attraction and the level of dependency it has created. Even a brief period of usage after a long time gets you to cloud nine.

Apart from this, you’ll help the students by solving some math problems for them, help the  wanderers to find their way by providing maps and you’ll beep around with ringing reminders for people to complete their unfinished tasks. You’ll be on top of updates of the latest news affairs. But sometimes just be prepared to be ignored. You’ll have to ring twice, thrice or even ten times to wake a person up. How bothersome would that be? People will always look at you to get to know the time, date, day as well as the weather forecast. That will make you feel important! 

Here comes the last, sad and melancholic part about the whole thing such that it’ll neutralize the effect of all good things. I haven’t revealed this fact yet but the only link that exists between you and the outside world is the camera lens and it only activates when the camera app is open. Eventually you get exhausted as your battery drains out. Do you want to be stuck in there alone and forever? The solution is you could compel the phone’s owner to break his camera lens. But who would do that? Think and find a way out.

I told you that you’re gonna complain about being trapped.

Face your fate now!!!

-Pranoti Abhyankar


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