“Trippy premonitions”

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The clouds are dripping with sunsets and liquid glitter

My mind trips;

And decides to go on an astral trip through time

I can see the energy floating around me.

It’s a little dark here.

Light pours like Sunshine through a window in space

And I glimpse another me.

She looks quite eccentric, I won’t lie.

Middle school me would be proud if she astral projected herself into another universe.

She wears smudged eyeliner and platform boots and I can see at least fifteen tattoos as she smiles at me and suddenly, I’m glimpsing into another window.

This one’s a little different than the last.

I can see the galaxy I used to dream of,

I don’t think this is real

But then again as I look into the eyes of a wallflower

I decide reality doesn’t matter.

Before I gather up the courage to brush my eyes against his cheek

The window switches again.

I can see the present me.

I don’t quite like her.

She’s smiling sadly at me

I realise she wants me to love her as much as I loved the wallflower and the eccentric woman.

Maybe I should?

I’m back. My body is screaming as the million tiny atoms try to rearrange themselves back to their normal state;

And I smile.

I could get used to this

Author: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Vyomini Kapse

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