Twinkle Twinkle Sky-lit Eyes

Twinkle twinkle sky-lit eyes

I wonder how deep your shine lies

Always moving, never still

Always dreaming, well until…

Tears and tears are all I see

Blooming eyes, come back to me

What made you so sad and pale?

Can I help your heart prevail?

A single nickel flipped up high

Down the wishing well, goodbye!

Know we won't get what we want

But we hope, we pray and we grunt

For a better day and year,

Greater strength and weaker fear,

Thankful we have what we need,

Finding comfort, though we bleed.

Twinkle twinkle lovely eyes

Deeper now from all those cries

Wistful still of all that's lost,

Yet so firm like flames in frost.

Know you are a diamond,

when you feel like glass

Know it gets better,

for nothing will last.

Hope is not something

you find when in light,

It's what you create;

In the dark, you ignite.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Ananya Chaure

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