Isn't it funny how people always ask, “How are you?” and we all reply with the same answer, “I'm good! How are you?” and the conversation ends. We all post our best pictures, put up stories of places we go to, like, and comment at the exceptionally beautiful people posing with their hot hourglass bodies, drinking wine on a yacht with their high-end clothes from Chanel and Gucci.

And then you look at yourself with all the body hair, stretch marks, looking like a potato. And then you start questioning yourself, your worth, and literally everything related to it. You start stress eating, develop anxiety and mental health issues. And trust me, the list goes on.

But why would you want to be Kylie Jenner when you can be YOU?

Now you might think I'm giving the same motivational speech we have learnt and are very well experienced with, but do we ever implement it in our lives? I'm guessing that the answer to that is a no. We all know it's fake, but we can't get enough of it. Because we love to live in the world of fiction, with all the fairytales, la la lands, and happily ever afters.

Aww, snap! Welcome back to reality again. Well, life can't always be all lovey-dovey, happy memories and butterflies. It's also about healing, hurt, mistakes, and learning.

I'm sure scrolling through social media, we all must have come across this quote; “Behind every successful person, there's a story that leaves them with no choice.” and it's one of the most accurate things I have ever seen or heard. We all go through tough times, we learn from them, and then we heal and grow into a much bigger and brighter person.

As we are learning and growing, we start to see things differently, have better knowledge of the world and understand situations and people. You start to observe things around you and put two and two together. Then you start to know why these things are happening to you. And this time, instead of running away from the situation, you face it and learn something new from it. Then you start to feel lighter, happier, and more confident, and you start to enjoy the present moment. You smile more, you want to learn new things and experience the different thrills life is giving you. You finally start to understand life.

And when you realise you have been better, you feel alive!

And suddenly, you start to attract everything around you; you feel changed, powerful, fearless.

You feel better. Everything around you seems positive. You start becoming productive, live healthy, and you have an aura and you can feel it around you.

When you observe more, you understand yourself, your morals, and your purpose. The more you do, the deeper you fall for yourself. You start falling in love with yourself more as the days pass by.

The feeling when you realise you're in love- with yourself. It's so eccentric and pure, you cannot explain it in words. And you just know you're living the life!

Now that it's out in the world, I'm ready to face it all. Not scared this time but very excited. And sometimes, knowing all this at such a young age makes me think all of this is fictional, and I'm the main character in it.

“Hey, I'm exposed now.”

Author: Eshani Kashid

Editor: Sai Reddy

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