Two souls

Two oblivious hearts

Unaware of how fate tied them together,

In the hands of time’s gamble

They stood next to each other.

Two hopeless hearts

Lost in the meadow of confusion,

A loud rational voice said, “Friend”

A softer, gentler beating said, “Love”

A rhythm pulling them closer.

Through the foggy clouds of denial

And voices that said otherwise

Feelings were repressed; kept hidden; denied for the fear of what could go wrong.

They couldn’t see what they were missing.

Love is a funny thing.

We all yearn and beg for it,

But we all also hide and get scared from it.

Two madly in love hearts

Finally decided to take a leap of fate

What's the worst thing that could happen?

No, they weren't scared of rejection

Rather of what would happen after.

Two nervous hearts asked

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

Authors: Anubhi Srivastava and Nandini Patil

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