Two souls dancing together

Isn’t love supposed to make a person feel at home? Isn’t love supposed to make a person euphoric? Isn’t love supposed to make you feel whole?

It had always been quite the opposite for her. All love did was drive a hole through her chest, making her feel desolate, like a black hole. She held an immeasurable amount of pain in her eyes; it almost started to define her. But as always, there's a light in the darkness.

Her best friend understood her pain. He understood how heartbroken she was; he was her shoulder to cry on, he was her rock, he was the boy whose smile would light up her world, he was the boy who was always there for her. An everlasting bond, they often called their friendship. After all, they had known each other for almost a decade now. He was the only one who made her happy; happy to smile, happy to exist and happy to love endlessly.

The fireflies danced melodically as they circled all around them, filling the dark sky with fiery light. Both of them sat there enjoying the tranquility. She was admiring the beautiful and divine creatures, when he spoke.

“They symbolise hope. They tell us to follow our hearts only to lead us to truth and light.” His ocean blue eyes bore into hers, watching her intently. She had never had a good experience with love, but as she sat there looking into her best friend's eyes, she felt safe. After being so broken and so torn, he was the only one who understood. This was when she realised that she was irresistibly in love with him. This was when she realised that he made her feel at home. He was the one who made her feel whole. She was in love with her best friend. He soon got up, picked up his phone, and played their favourite song, “Perfect'' by Ed Sheeran, holding out his hand. She took it, a wide smile spreading all across her face. And in that moment, she felt the most alive she had ever felt. They were simply two souls dancing together, looking like silhouettes as the fireflies surrounded them under the moonlight.

Author: Krishna Malkani

Editor: Grace Mathew

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