Snow White wandered through the woods, her lovely face flushed with concern. Where was her Prince? When would he come and rescue her? As she traversed through the green leaves and brown branches of the woods, she heard a faint cry of help.

"My prince, where are you?"

It was a sweet voice. She followed the call, careful not to ruin her beautiful blue and yellow gown, her customary look.

She followed the voice she heard to see a young blonde woman, as old as her, pacing back and forth near the bank of a river hastily. Even though she was clearly agitated, she still was a sight for Snow White's sore eyes. Dressed in a pretty pink long gown, the woman was clearly a Princess.

"Ma'am, are you lost too?"

Aurora looked at the source of the voice. A raven haired beauty probably her age looked at her worriedly, her hands holding her lovely dress carefully so as not to spoil it.

"Yes", the Sleeping Beauty replied, and to her own surprise, her voice came out squeaky. She was suddenly nervous.

But to Snow White it seemed like the voice of an angel. Never had she ever felt such wild attraction to anyone. Never had she ever felt so nervous while approaching a woman.

"I am waiting for my Prince", Snow White said. Princess Aurora confirmed the same, and the two women sat down on the embankment, sharing each other's life stories.

"So your Prince too saved you with a kiss? That is so strange. Our fates seem intertwined , even though we seem to be from very distant lands", Princess Aurora concluded, in awe of Snow White.

Snow White, too, was breath taken by the Princess. Such manners! Such thoughts! In a strange way, she wanted her to be her friend. But not like her other friends. Having being taught to always go with the truth, Snow White confided her feelings to Sleeping Beauty.

And to her intense surprise and pleasure, the Sleeping Beauty too reciprocated those emotions- and both of them sat there, in the lap of nature, on the bank of the soothing river and within the chirping of the birds who stood witness to their new love, and contemplated these new feelings in their hearts.

They heard a horse's neigh. Immediately both of them jumped up, expecting to see their Princes even though none of them felt the same for them .

"That might be my Prince", the Sleeping Beauty said.

"Or mine", Snow White replied, even though she wished it was not true.

A handsome prince arrived, and both the princesses sighed with recognition.

"Snow White, Sleeping Beauty", greeted the Prince with surprise. "How did you two meet?"

The two princesses looked at each other, and as realisation dawned upon their faces, they both gasped in shock. It didn't take them too long to realise what had happened, and both of them looked at the Prince, ​their ​Prince, accusingly.

Author: Shriya Simran Pradhan

Editor: Nandini Patil

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