Up There

Updated: Mar 6

I reminisce

The blue and black up there,

With a splash of purple and white,

From where we are down here,

Is nothing short of a beauteous sight.

I reminisce

And I often wonder,

What lies in that vast expanse,

I sit and ponder,

Over the sight which has left me in a trance.

I reminisce

The clusters of cotton candy-like,

Fluffy white clouds,

Which in my heart and mind strike,

A vision of heaven's court all around.

I reminisce

The sparkling studs,

Embedded in the sky,

The twinkling diamonds,

That dance when I close my eyes.

I reminisce

The gleaming shooting stars,

Leave a trail of pixie dust like mist,

And though they seem to be afar,

Shall fulfil my heart's desire in a second's gist.

She said she was going to utopia,

I deliberate over where she went,

She said she was moving on to the Numen's arena,

Unknown to her whereabouts - I sit and lament.

But when I look up at the ether,

I feel ever so reassured,

When I sit and stare into the azure,

I sense her presence, I feel secure.

For when I glimpse at the paradise,

The clouds form her calm face,

The stars her patient smile,

And I am then by my Grandma embraced.

So what truly lies in the Elysian Fields?

What are its treasures-yet to be unveiled?

Dear readers, the welkin but holds,

That which we lost-one we can no longer hold.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Nathania Do Rego

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