Utopian Rainbow

She doesn’t hope much,

Just that the judgemental eyes disappear whenever she holds their hand,

That loving them doesn’t feel like a crime.

She doesn’t dream much,

But wants to introduce them as “my girl” in a room full of people.

Without the flow of slurs,

or the fear of unacceptance and hate.

She doesn’t pray much,

But hopes that her father is present the day she walks down the aisle.

Not with eyes full of shame and disgust,

Rather brimming with tears of pride and love.

She doesn’t know much,

But believes that what she feels is valid,

That her heart is tied to theirs

And it isn’t wrong or an influence

For love is blind, there ain’t no choice.

She doesn’t want much,

Just mere acceptance,

A chance to be her and not just exist,

But it all seems like a utopian rainbow.

Author: Anubhi Srivatsava

Editor: Nathania Do Rego

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