Vessel Of The Universe


I jump into the ocean;

Bioluminescence lights up my face,

And I force you to race

underneath the moonlight,

With nothing but our tightly held hands in sight.

I want to grab a bottle of vodka,

Then chug it down with soda.

Pull a gatsby, host a ridiculous party,

And wait for my Daisy.

I want to recite poetry in the courts of medieval times,

To bring the universe under my feet as I tangle it up with rhymes.

To be a subversive force of magnetic energy that people just love to hate;

I wish I had the time to be Sappho, but it's 11 p.m., and it's getting late.

I want to breathe under Earth's sparkling wine,

I want all of the forces of nature and the universe to give me a sign;

That it listens,

That it is here,

And is present.

I want to play my guitar,

Underneath the stars,

That has shone over every great person that I've ever yearned to be,

While I sing to the world about the things they'll never see.

I want to be the queen of nothing,

In an abandoned castle.

To write letters to someone,

Who might for once mean something.

I want to light a thousand candles,

That could be mistaken for stars,

And wish upon them.

I want to be in a spaceship,

On a no-destination trip.

Watch celestial bodies

Glowing before me

Then grab my own hand,

And rejoice that I never need to go back to land.

I'd watch the end of the universe,

On a grassy hill scape,

Who cares about death,

When there's this beautiful escape.

The hourglass is running out,

But I wish to break it.

The clock ticks, and it's loud,

But they never warn you, that there's never time to sit.

To live is to do everything that your heart yearns for,

And not simply to die.

We were born to live thousands of lives and memories,

And not just to reach the day you say your goodbyes.

I have nothing but a lust to dwell,

I have nothing but secrets to tell,

I am nothing,

But a vessel for a restless soul.

And I am nothing,

Because this universe is the only thing that makes me whole.


Author ~ Gayathri Nair

Editor ~ Krisha Raut

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