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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

[\\video 1\\ "sorru :(" \\] plays

“Heyyy!! Okay if I look bad, it's definitely the camera's fault. These lo-fi megapixels can't capture the charms Zeus bestowed on your sexy brother.”

Still that same old Narcissism.

“Okay, you remember the nurse who is responsible for me? Dude. She. Is. So. Cute. You should see her! When she smiles, she has those dimples and I- UGH GOD. She is way too formal though, doesn't talk about anything else and I have tried a lot. Even my flirting didn't work?!”

Ugh, those were poor jokes more than flirtations, please-

Like what was that-"You know what's missing in my phone? Your number."

Ugh, how cliche.

“Okay, for your information, I didn't use the ‘phone number flirt’ okay? I used better ones alright (trust me). Anyways, today's the day, this tumour is gonna go awayyy baby!”

Tumour. God, we read so much of that in novels that when your nominal headache reports came out to be a glioblastoma, we were all taken back. Mom was crying a lot, and when she came to tell you about it, that you have cancer, all you replied was-“Wait. But I'm a Scorpio?”

You and your lame sense of humor. But that was the last day mom smiled.

“We are definitely going to the new diner mom told me about. Your treat. Don't be a stingy rat now please. And well... like Loki sometimes makes mistakes and his brother Thor forgives him, that way you too should forgive me. Laugh please. God that was a good one-

Alright...I'm sorry. For staying so aloof of the events at home. For not being there for you when you needed me the most. I'm sorry for single handedly failing at whatever a responsible brother should do. But I'll be spending time with you too, pinky promise. Okay?

(Someone knocks): “Aahva? You have to take your meds and the Surgery's prep will-”


Today's the day, a year ago, that you died. And since then not a single day has gone where I don't regret the fact that I didn't talk to you.

Now I wish you were alive, so I could tell you that I don't blame you. I may have been irritated or mad at times but… I never once hated or blamed you. You don't have to apologise for anything. Because right now... right now your aloofness is the only thing we desperately need.

Writes below "sorru :( "

"I love you, always."

[\\video 1\\] stops.

Author: Abhinav Bhadri

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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