Virgil and I

Virgil came and invited me to Hell

For l was just randomly ringing a bell

He said come with me and be the next Dante

said no thank you with a namaste

The next thing I know l was standing in front of a Manticore

Its filthy hair and unholy stench shook me to my core

Virgil looked at me and smiled, I was completed beguiled

He changed form and turned into Hades

And, in front of my eyes he faded

I stood there utterly


I heard someone say that the ship has been ballasted

The Manticore and I were on the ship, which sailed on the Styx

I couldn't understand these mind tricks

Was this a dream or reality?

Or is it just Hell's brutality?

Author: Arindam Joshi

Editor: Nitya Binu

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