Was It Worth It?

It was the year 1940 in the city of Hamburg. I was in my ghetto with 15 other people I had never met in my life. My father was sent to the concentration camp two years ago and burned to death just a few months ago. I knew a Jewish boy had no worth in front of all the higher caste people, but I wanted her with all my heart, as if she was the only reason I had to live. I had to meet her. It would give me the will to live, but was it worth the risk of getting her disgraced for my personal reasons?

One lonely night, I was surrounded by people who did not care about me. I'm sure that we would have been having wonderful conversations, but all I could do was think of her and her beautiful gold locks, her blue eyes like the night sky. I had to meet her, it was time to be selfish. I left my ghetto before sunset the next day and went to the area of all the ‘rich and pure’ Aryans hoping to find her. She was standing amongst her friends laughing. I went towards her, but before I even reached close to her, eyes from all directions started to look towards me in contempt. If I had gone towards her I would have surely been executed. Painfully, I turned around, knowing that no matter how much I loved her, she could never possibly be with someone like me.

But, while leaving, I had to have one final look at her. I looked back, only to find her looking at me, but neither with contempt nor in pity. I felt like she felt the same as I did. Suddenly, she started walking towards me. I felt that she might be coming to embrace me but she held my hand tightly and dragged me out, screaming about calling the police but I did not care, because her soft touch gave me all the peace I could have wanted. Instead of handing me in, she took me out of the rich city and into the woods, where we sat on a log and looked into each other's eyes till the sun set. She said that she had been noticing me for quite a while and had wished to converse with me. I had no idea she reciprocated the feelings I had for her.

For a while we met each other in secret. Soon she invited me home, on a day her parents weren't home. I did go there and managed to leave and enter without being caught. Those were the best days of my life.

About two weeks later, she met me in the gloomy woods and her gorgeous face did not look good. I went to her and asked her the reason for her sadness. She started crying and fell into my arms. After some time, she told me that she was the bearer of my seed. I was scared for myself but I was concerned more about her and our child. We both could not think of anything and decided not to reveal me as the father. Many months she hid that I was the father and was verbally bashed by many people.

A few months later, the baby was born. It had brown hair and a hook nose- the only signs of a person being Jewish. She was captured and tortured for a while. I could not bear it and I turned myself in to the cruel soldiers of Hitler. Me and her both were placed together in a gas chamber with our baby. We hugged each other till the gas was released. We held each other's arm as the gas was lit and my son and his mother's lives were extinguished.

The End.

Author: Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Anika Priyaranjan

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