Water- how calming and soothing it is with the sounds it makes.

Everyone is attracted towards it, everyone just wants to stay near the bay and watch it shine in the sunlight, watch it look heartwarming in the sunset, watch it call for lovers under the moonlight.

But the same water has caused the death of many, the silent waves have spoken from time to time, have shown their power, and have proved that the calm can be deadly when it comes to their safety.

Same with a human in this generation, a shy, silent human called an introvert.

Someone who is like water so much, someone who will keep to themselves. To everyone they are calm, beautiful, and harmless. But just like water, on the surface they’re calm but inside there thrive a million feelings.

Never mess with a human who is like water, as when triggered, they might cause destruction which never has been seen before.

But then again, they all have types, like some water bodies look deadly but are innocent and harmless, while some appear innocent but are actually deadly.

This also proves that you can’t judge someone from the way they look. The way they act is also not the way to judge them, because like water they might look harmless but could be deadly. We shouldn’t judge someone until we’ve seen the depth of their existence.

The water resembles life and death. We use water from our birth to our death as a necessity, but we sometimes forget that we too are made from water itself.

‘75% of our body is water’…. We kind of are haha.

Writer: Prachi Saini

Editor: Jia Bakshi

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