We Don’t Feel Euphoric!

Updated: Mar 17

Okay. So let’s face it. We have not been afraid to say it before. We have not been afraid to say it when it aired. And we will never be afraid to say it ever. For it is the truth. And we are ready to scream it till our voices are acknowledged and heard. For Ash did not deserve to die and Fez did not deserve to be handcuffed. For Fez and Lexi deserved their ‘happily ever after’.

Yes, we know, Rue, Jules, Cassie, Maddie, Lexi, and Nate are important characters. We know their presence and storylines are central to the show. We know their backgrounds and characters are to be elaborated. We know that their conflicts must be spoken of. We know that we must grieve for the issues that shackle them. We know that we must feel more strongly for them.

But we think we speak for all the Euphoria fans out there when we say that Ash and Fez are the ones who stole our hearts along with the show. The ones who were above the average teenage drama, dealing with lessons and scars from their childhood. And Ash and Fez being stuck in a fix have set us in withdrawal mode. And Ash and Fez are the ones we would love to still see for they had their struggles and ups and downs, but they are the ones we love. The ones our hearts ache for.

We would like to close our eyes. We would like to shut them tight and imagine that Custer did not choose that moment in the finale to inform Ash and Fez that Mouse’s body had been found. Or rather, we would like to imagine that Mouse’s body had never been found. We would like to imagine that the cops never showed at their door and did not engage in the most heart-wrenching of shootouts.

We would like to imagine that Fez indeed sat in the best seat in the hall so we could see in his eyes how proud he was of Lexi. How much he loved Lexi. We would like to imagine the blossoming of this budding romance. We would like to imagine all this instead, because the truth hurts.

We’d rather be in denial than accept what went down. The ghastly scenes of the finale can never be made peace with. Our hopes and reasoning are too far gone but there's still a part of this scoundrel’s heart that wishes for more of that fraternity. More of that daring. More of that loyalty. And most importantly, more of that love.

Authors: V.R. Kapse and Manaswi Priya

Editor: Jaenil Parekh

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