What a dangerous word.

Updated: Mar 5

Power. What a dangerous word. What a truly dangerous feeling.

The thrill that courses through the veins of a scornful queen, her nerves alight with anticipation, the chance to finally do as she deems fit.

The cruel glee experienced by a shrewd politician with majestically elaborate plans to conquer aplenty.

The feelings of dominance hurtling in the mind of the captain of a sports team, standing blissfully in the midst of throngs of fans post victory.

The heady rush of adrenaline and strength pulsing through the blood of a newly appointed leader with weak control over their greed.

The all-knowing smirk of an ambitious villain ready to wield their increasingly alarming abilities to wreak havoc.

The dawning realization and recognition of a previously overlooked individual, grateful for their chance at revenge.

The careful analysis of the scope of their strength by a calculative person with goals galore.

The blind faith in one’s abilities and excitement at the opportunity to facilitate change by hopeful heroes.

The surge of self-righteousness as a judge pounds their gavel, effectively sealing the fate of thousands.

The gleeful burst of self-importance of an ordinary voter, tasked with the responsibility of being the crucial deciding vote.

The serotonin boost felt by a twisted criminal, on the prowl for their latest heinous crime.

The high experienced by a furious victim, bloodthirsty in their quest for vengeance.

The pressure of aggression and quick-fire plans contrasted by the cold attitude of an icy CEO.

The formidable, all-consuming, feverish combustion and organized chaos threatening to tear you apart.

Power. What a dangerous word. What a truly dangerous feeling.

Author: Ananya Chaure

Editor: none

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