What a wonderful world

They talk about world peace,

But the bloodshed won't cease.

This is nothing but a big facade,

The crashing economy is an act of God.

The ice caps are completely thawed,

Don't worry, it’s fake

Sit back and eat some shortcake,

Or do you prefer a hamburger with steak?

The opposition gets poisoned,

No need for it to be reasoned,

There is no say for the victim

We are slaves to the system.

Poverty is increasing,

Humanity is decreasing,

Everything is a huge masquerade

We just watch life fade,

For from our path we have strayed.

Put the youth in a conundrum,

Encourage their barbarism,

Organise riots in the name of

false freedom.

Don't consider this world multipolar,

We all know who is making it unipolar.

Committing religious genocide,

This news has spread worldwide,

No reason to stay mystified.

The world is crumbling

Mankind is tumbling.

So be prepared.

Very less time for this world to be repaired.

Only a few will be spared,

The end is near, don't be so smug

For we are in the kalyug.

Author: Arindam Joshi

Editor: Khushi Bansal

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