What can be done to prevent biodiversity loss?

Great Barrier Reef of Australia

Biodiversity is one of the most beautiful and inseparable

characteristics of our planet earth.

There is a famous quote,"Biodiversity is the way so don’t let nature go astray". The title biodiversity loss is pretty self explanatory itself and includes loss of precious components of biosphere like flora, fauna, aquatic, aerial and terrestrial life.

Earthlings cannot afford to lose this adored biodiversity. So what can be done to prevent biodiversity loss?

To come up with an answer for the above mentioned million dollar question, it is important to quickly review the causes of biodiversity loss first.

They include natural disasters like floods, landslides, droughts, earthquakes whereas, some other factors contributing to the issue are excess pollution, climate change, poaching, habitat destruction and over exploitation of natural resources.

Controlling the natural calamities may not be at our fingertips but other factors causing loss of biodiversity can be contained. Firstly, excessive pollution causes emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere which is the primary reason for the rise in global temperature ultimately causing global warming.

Pollution from Industires

Industries cutting down on their toxic emissions in the air is one way to curb this issue. Citizens can also alter simple household activities like using natural gas or biogas for cooking and CNG running vehicles to prevent superfluous amounts of pollution. These simple changes can save some amazing creatures like the Great Barrier Reef. Secondly, climate change, which has been the talk of 2019, is one of the leading causes of biodiversity.

Environmental activists like Greta Thunberg have suggested that climate change is capable of wiping out all species including human beings from the face of the earth. It is one of the components of global warming and can be prevented by replacing chemical substances used in day to day life by organic substances. Adopt the 3-Rs policy- reduce, reuse and recycle. There is no space for single use plastics if one wants to save the planet.

An elephant poached for ivory

Nextly, poaching is the direct cause of biodiversity loss. Humans should be great to be earthlings and have no right to kill other organisms in the environment unless they are not a part of the food chain. For example- Hunting elephants for their tusks.

Besides this, habitat destruction is done to make space for different activities like building infrastructure and agriculture. In this process, homes of some organisms are snatched away from them. Humans can prevent this by finding other open spaces for construction.

Lastly, humans are the only beings who exploit natural resources so it is crucial to understand that these resources are exhaustible and may not be available for use in the future. Reusing and recycling products is a significant step towards saving the environment. Creation of environmental awareness is a vital step towards the prevention of biodiversity loss as it is important for everyone to understand the gravity of the situation. The younger generation must be educated and should know about the consequences of biodiversity loss because they have the potential to bring about change in the future. Then planet earth will become a happier, healthier and a greener place to live in.

- Pranoti Abhyankar.


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