What Do I Do Now?

Updated: Mar 6


My Mama told me

The day you bleed,

You have grown

To be a woman now.

My Mama told me,

Do not pay heed,

To the hate seeds sown,

And the cold hearted vows.

But how can I ignore

The spiteful glances they cast,

When the blood is displaced,

From its original path?

But how can I ignore,

The murmurs that last,

In the place holy and chaste,

Where incurred upon me are wraths?

My Mama told me,

That my body is transforming,

Into a temple to carry,

A little numen in the future.

My Mama told me

That the crowd’s swarming,

May speak things unnecessary,

And try to tear up the sutures.

But how can I ignore,

That uncomfortable feeling,

I experience for five days,

Every single month?

But how can I ignore,

This pain freewheeling,

These cramps which my mind haze,

As these men snicker every time I grunt?

But my Mama taught me,

To always be happy,

To respect my body,

For I, a goddess embody.

And my Mama taught me,

To care for my health,

Look after myself,

And to not forget to love myself!


Author: V.R Kapse

Editor: Akanksha Mahapatra

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