What If?

Dear Teachers,

I remember you asking me the one place I wished to travel to and me naively saying New York, London, Italy or Switzerland, but what I really should have told you, without hesitating for a second and not thinking about the students who would mock me later in the day, was this:

What if we could all

Breathe underwater

And live beyond the burden

Of man’s land lonely,

And from there we could see,

Nature’s finest masterpiece,

The lost kingdom of Atlantis?

What if we could all

Fly so high

And claim the sky,

Soar above the clouds,

To a place which with hope abounds,

Onwards to our destiny,

To Neverland’s fantasy?

What if we could all

Be ever so bold & brave,

For all family safety’s path pave,

Be fearless beyond compare,

To look in the eye the dangers our people bear,

And then could we truly dwell,

And belong in District 12?

What if we could all,

Cultivate relationships strong,

Be able to speak up against things wrong,

A sea of knowledge acquire,

Resource things we do not require,

And the trait of being undaunted share,

To then the title of Divergent bear?

What if we could all

Escape this world’s tragic,

By truly making magic,

And conjure spells,

With the wands that shops sell,

Then settle in the wizarding world,

And be a Hogwarts alumni, true to word?

What if we could all

Put our mundane lives in the past,

And learn innumerable runes to last,

And live in harmony,

With the Downworlders we see,

And our bodies painted with marks,

And on a Shadowhunter’s journey embark?

Authors: VR Kapse and Adit

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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