What is Love?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021


Well, I’ll be completely honest. When I started writing this, I didn’t have the faintest idea of what to include because, I don't know what love exactly is. Hey, I’m only fourteen years old! As teenagers in today’s world, we all have very different and unique perceptions of things and love is definitely one of them. I tried googling the answer to the question (as I always do) and as you can expect, there wasn’t an exact answer! Then I decided to think about it for myself and I had the most surprising revelation. One thing I can say with confidence is that love doesn’t involve only romance and courtship. As a personal opinion I find that most people assume it to be so and as per me, that assumption is impractical and cliché. It’s most aggravating to hear most people talking about romance when the topic of love is brought up. I mean, is holding hands while watching the sunset and roses and chocolates the only thing you can associate true love with? Those who say that romance is a part of love are most definitely correct, but romance isn’t the whole enchilada. Those who know me well, know that I am an extremely direct and straightforward person who doesn’t see the point in sugarcoating things at all. All these years the concept of love has just made me want to puke and go “ewwwwwwww gross”. In fact I still do have that reaction sometimes. All my close friends know about my concept of “cooties” but that’s a whole other topic you really don’t want to get involved in. This summer I did realise one thing though. I feel like the first sign you see when you love somebody is your desire to see the other person happy. Even if it means doing little things to brighten their day. I tried doing that and I came up with this petite poem which I sincerely hope will make them happy. Anyway without boring you further, I do have a message for my friends (the people I love the most, alongside my family). This is a shout-out to you guys.

I know it’s been quite a while Since we’ve seen each other last And it makes me elated to see you smile But for some reason I can’t grasp Why I suddenly care about what you think And how you must be feeling too Then it dawns upon me the absolute truth Of just how much I love you And though I rarely show it I try to make it clear Through the jokes I crack to make you laugh Or simply through the sheer Anger I feel when someone hurts you And I guess it comes along with loving you I love spamming you with “Binod” Or having psychotic laughing competitions at random Not to mention our idiotic shushing contests And singing the weirdest songs in tandem In that moment I realise how happy I am And just how much I love you When I roast you with the most sarcastic comments Or when I irritate you to a level you simply cannot bear And when I tell you to stop crying if you don’t want me to beat the shit out of you Well, I guess I’m just trying to show I care If I ever did hurt you I’m sorry, I’d like to grow more to deserve you. But please, please tell me you see just how much I love you In these three simple words There is so much I wish to convey I wish I knew how to express it better But all that I can really say Is I hope one day you find such a friend That knows how to be the best person around you Because in case I hadn’t made it clear I really, really love you.


Author ~ Nandini Patil

Editor ~ Suditi Mukadam

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