What is Power?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Some say money is power. It can buy you the resources needed to acquire power. Others say knowledge is power. With knowledge, you can acquire enough strength to achieve what you want. In politics, position is power. The better your position is, the more powerful you are to make a deal. Scientifically, power is energy upon time. That means a machine that requires or produces more energy per unit of time is said to be more powerful.

As you see, power is a multi-faceted and complex term. It is defined and interpreted by different people differently. But in essence, the core meaning of power is almost the same. It is defined as ‘control’, ‘influence’ or ‘authority’. Having any kind of power requires you to devote time and energy, in different forms.

Power is not only an authoritative display of control, but also a responsibility. It is also said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Everyone is hungry for power, but not everyone is capable of handling it. Power needs to be handled with restraint, commitment, and honesty. People with power need to be wise and devoted to their cause and spend energy on it. As it turns out, power in real life is quite like power in science!

It is said that with power comes humility. Power is not only meant for fierce control but also for allowing others to express themselves and forgive them for their mistakes. Only the mighty and powerful can forgive. People in power are expected to be kind, benevolent, and helpful. All these tenets of power apply not only to individuals but also to communities, and even countries.

Another aspect of power is realizing that one has the ability to do something. At times, people do not fully understand what they are capable of and take things for granted.

So, if it is in your power, go ahead and do it!

May the power be with you!

Author: Anousha Ambar

Editor: Prisha Budhiraja

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