What Matters?

His moist eyes search

For a soul kind

Outside the deserted church

To free him from the binds

Of hunger, thirst, heat, cold, and pain,

Whilst in shredded garments he faces the rain.

Her throat parched, calls

For a munificent ka

Along the lone street that she sprawls

To unfetter her from the claws

Of torment and trauma, anguish and agony

As with bruises and wounds she faces this fatality.

His blaring ears patiently discern

A pneuma generous

Near the river stagnant and fields burnt

To unchain him from the shackles venomous

Of massacre, slaughter, quietus and horror

Whilst with his body maimed, he faces this torture.

Her stoic face knocks on every door

For a compassionate spirit

In the but beauteous city of a lore

To unbound her from the vile pivot

Of abhorrence, prejudice, spite and hate

As in circles of ostracism she waits.

His mother yearns for a benignant

Her father asks for a heart tender

Their grandparents want an indulgent

Our child gazes for one who cares.

The fledgling seated in the wheelchair

Desires love and affection

The autistic we met on the stairs

Wishes for grace and protection.

The helpers and workers

Crave for one generous and giving

The rainbow tribe standing in corners

Long for being magnanimous and feeling.

This dark world is lost

In a sea of misery and despair

But if of kindness we build crofts

We can guide it elsewhere.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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