WhatsApp Bonds

Bonds. Chemistry. Electrovalent, covalent. Okay Mahira, enough.

Hmm, bonds. Shylock and Antonio; the pound of flesh-

This is what happens when your school gives you the timetable for your exams, and you still have chapters pending. As soon as the notification came, all the WhatsApp groups became active after their two months of dormancy.

Loudspeaker: Hey, did you all see the notification?

Immature: We all did 😭

Belarus: 😭😭😭😭😭

Me: Hainaaaa!!

Rap-God: Mera syllabus khatam hi nahi hua😑

Me: Haan, but you still score 90 percent.

We gave these names to each other in seventh grade, when a substitute teacher came and allowed us to change our seats. It’s one of my best memories.

Another notification pops up with my best friends texting me.

The girl who matured real quick: Guys, exams 80 marks ke hain kya?

Goan curry: No idea😭

Me: I am going to go bang my head in a wall, brb!😁

The girl who matured real quick: Me too😊

Goan curry: I can’t deal with this anymore!

Back to the “dormant group”.

Lambe baalo vali: Guys, I’m so behind in Bio

Me: I know, we have ten chapters😭

Okay Mahira, it's high time you start studying.

Shutting all my devices, I start studying cells and tissues.

After about an hour, I am done with two chapters, and start checking my socials again.

Opening WhatsApp, I see fifty unread messages from the dormant group.

Loudspeaker: Somebody help me please

Immature: Kya chahiye?

Loudspeaker: Help

Belarus: 😂😂😂

Well, that was obvious.

And the rest were deleted messages, probably them spamming memes and “beautiful and pleasing to the eye” stickers.

Opening my best friends group, I see twenty-three unread messages.

The girl who matured real quick: I just want to get 9th done with, I am so sick of this😞

Goan Curry: Same bro

I continue reading and find that the state of my friends is exactly like mine, something to be happy about;)

I then see a personal message from the Content Writing Head of Ecritture.

The girl who matured real quick: Hey listen, I need a piece for Bonds.

Me: Yes, okay, will submit:)

The girl who matured real quick: Thank you, and please feel free to send me any doubts:)

(blah blah performing her CWH duties:p)

And now here I am, writing about bonds to you guys. I have come across so many different people, so many relations. Friendships were broken, best friends replaced every month, new friendships formed, memories created.

Last year was a ruckus for many of us, including me. The only thing that kept me going was the bonds that I had made through the years. I somehow feel that my relationships last year became deeper - with my sister, my dad, my mom, friends. And I don’t regret it a single bit. I feel that every bond ever created has a meaning, even if it dissolved into nothing. Yes, maybe I had my tears when a bond broke apart, maybe I cried while listening to the song that defined that bond, but I am more than grateful for the bonds that I have now- and that I should focus and give my energy to the ones that make me happy:)

(P.S: Based on true events, kill me if you want to :p)

Author: Mahira Pathania

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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