When Juliet met Rep

Tears pricked her eyes, her sobs filling the room.

“Oh my, what did I do to deserve this?” she whispered to herself.

She was warm in her blankets, and to the world it looked almost perfect. But nobody knew how she was feeling from the inside- dead. Soon sleep took over her.

“Wait what?” her voice echoed.

“Where am I?” she heard another voice

“Umm, excuse me my lady,” Juliet said.

A woman wearing a red dress appeared. Her lips were a beautiful red color, her eyes screamed power. She had a necklace, a snake biting its own tail, her fingers had beautiful snake rings. Her skin was flawless.

“My lady? Which century are you from?” her rich velvet voice spoke

“Umm, I don’t know. Old I think” Juliet replied

“Looks like it, your dress screams Victorian era,” the woman said smugly.

“Who are you?” Juliet asked, ignoring the comment passed before.

“Me? Call me Rep. My true name isn’t for a sweet soul like you” she smiled.

“Would you like some tea?”

“Yes, sure”

In the span of 20 minutes, both Juliet and Rep were having tea and laughing.

“Wow, so you and Karyn made a crowd of thousands scream ‘If a man talk shit then I owe him nothing’?”

“Yes, he deserved that.”

“Tell me about you, any special man?” Rep asked.

“Yeah, I thought he was special, you know. Someone I would love and care for, someone who would care for me” Juliet replied.


“And he isn’t” Juliet sighed, controlling the tears which were about to cascade down her eyes.

“What did he do?”

“Abuse me, physically mentally. I think my dad was right. I was better off alone.”

“I can’t comment much, well, because I don’t believe in love. I don’t have anyone to talk to, apart from Karyn, but I sure can say one thing- you did what felt right to you. And now you make that decision again. What do you think is right for you?”

Juliet thought, tired, exhausted from the thinking.

“I wish-I wish to leave him. Yes, I wish to leave him,” Juliet said, nodding her head.

“Go ahead, do what makes you feel right! Remember, you’re the queen of your life, and well you don’t always need a ‘knight in shining armor’. Also that’s bullshit” shrugged Rep.

Juliet nodded. Both of them sat in a comfortable silence, drinking their tea.

“Um Rep, what about you? Do you have anyone special?” asked Juliet.

“If I did, wouldn’t I be giving you advice on why your Romeo is ‘the one’? And that you’re probably just perf–”

“I get it. Rep, I get it!” Juliet exclaimed. Rep nodded, smirking.

“So you have no one. How does that feel?” Juliet asked.

“Amazing! You get to be the boss of your life, be the queen who you’re meant to be–”

“You literally are the queen of snakes, what are you talking about?”

“No I am not the queen–”

“No cause it’s weird you talk to a sna–”

“No offense or anything, but by the way you’ve described Romeo, that ass sounds like a vampire, because all vampires look good, and then they turn ghastly and mortifying–”

“I GET YOUR POINT REP!” Juliet laughed. Rep joined her.

“Yes, so being a queen of your life is not that bad, but sometimes you do feel lonely; you crave for arms to hold you when you’re at your worst, or someone making tea when you’re ill” Rep sighed, “Guess that will never come true.”

“You never know that. You might find the 'King of your heart' who will be with you when you are 'Delicate' and he will know you are 'Gorgeous' inside and out. And he might come around when you are not 'Ready for it'”

“True. And for you. I am sending Karyn with you for a week. Leave that Romeo.” Rep said

“I will. And I will definitely visit you. And escort Karyn back to you”


Both Rep and Juliet smiled at each other.

She woke up with a start. But with an idea of what she wanted to do now. She saw beside her was Karyn, drinking tea, which made her chuckle. “Well. Let's be 'Fearless'.”

Authors: Mahira Pathania and Prachi Saini

Editor: Janki Nair

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