When the caged ones rule!


Let’s build a zoo, buddy!

A zoo where humans are caged and animals free,

A place where man lives on a tree,

With animals spotted going for a shopping spree!

Let’s create a sea,

Where shoals of fish and schools of whales, make the shore chaotic.

A can of coke is casually dumped by a seahorse, high on a narcotic.

Now, let’s picture the sky,

Where a homeless man is found sitting on an electric cable,

Flocks of birds found have a tea-time chat at a restaurant table!

Yes, I know that all this must sound like a fantastic fable...

So, it’s high time, we halt, take a break and ponder,

Save the world around us, refrain from making another blunder!

‘Cause this planet will be a better place, if we create instead of devastate,

Else, it could mean the end of all our worldly fantasies, dear mate!


Author ~ Shreshtha

Editor ~ Debolina

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