Where's the Father?

"As you can see that's the baby's strong heart beat" said the Nurse, as she pointed towards the ultrasound machine.

The mother suddenly started crying. After years of trying and continuous struggles, she finally saw a ray of hope, their little ray of hope. She suddenly felt her fingers interlocking with the person next to her, "Here, tissues." said in a soft voice as they passed the whole box.

"Dimwit I don't need the whole box!" the mother snorted back but she took the whole box anyway and blew her nose, now holding their hand even tighter.

"We'll make it through na? I've dreamt of this since I was 15 and this all seems so surreal. I'm scared to f*ck this up Anjali!" said the mother as she closed her eyes, nervous for what's gonna happen next.

"Firstly for the sake of the baby, clean that sailor mouth of yours and listen to me Mrs.Patel, everything is going to be okay. Plus I'm a doctor as well, therefore my opinion matters 2 times more. Trust me!" said Anjali as she stroked the mother's hand, calming her tight grip. "We are gonna go full Amy on this. We are gonna be ready for every challenge and if there's a challenge that we aren't, we'll face it together. It's you, Kiwi and I against the world" she added.

Suddenly they heard a loud opening of the door, they didn’t notice when the nurse had gone out earlier.

"How many copies of the ultrasound should I print? We were also able to figure out the gender, to whom should I give the note?" asked the nurse who had just reappeared.

"Five!” both Anjali and the mother said together.

"And the original copy of the ultrasound and the report? I presumed it would be a surprise for the father. Here!" said the nurse as she passed a sealed envelope to the mother with a big smile.

The mother let out a whole hearted laugh and gave the envelope to Anjali, "Well sweetheart, you knocked me up, so I guess you are the father."

The nurse had a confused face, did she miss something?

"I'm sorry for my wife, she loves putting people in awkward and confusing situations!" replied Anjali.

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Chinmai Gokule

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