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My brain was hurting because of how much I was thinking. I can’t remember the last time my head felt as heavy as it does now.

It’s been a few months since I got the first sight. A few months since I was absolutely restless. All I could do was try to rack my brain, to see if I could somehow try to place the face. Her face.

I am struggling to piece it all together. I am exerting my brain so much that it now feels like an elephant decided to do tap dance on it, squashed it, put it back together and then placed it back inside my head with the help of a cannon.

Too detailed? Well, that’s what it feels like.

I decide to take a break from the stressful task and just relax for a bit, but of course, the universe has it against me because just as I lay my head on the soft fluffy pillow and close my eyes, I have another sight. My sixth sight to be exact.

Everything was pitch black for a moment and then the colours began to flood in. I am looking at a… screen? Yes, that’s what it is, and from what it looks like, she is reading something.

Before I tell you what I see in this sight, let me fill you in on what these sights are. Basically, they are short glimpses that people from my family get when he or she has somehow crossed paths with their destined soulmate, but this happens only after the age of 19. You could’ve crossed paths with them before, in spite of that you will only start having the glimpses once you have turned 19. Why 19? I honestly don't know. Maybe my ancestors thought that 19 would be an even better age compared to 18 as most people are still immature, guess they wanted to give us one more year to grow up. You know, just in case.

When and how my family started having these visions is a bit blurry, nonetheless we have treasured this gift like it is the most prized possession we have. One of my great grandmothers was the first person to experience the sights. Yeah, it goes way back and she wasn’t the only one who experienced them, the gift was passed on to her entire lineage.

The total number of sights one person gets is 7. It has always been 7. The reason behind it being seven is because a person has seven lives.

The sights could contain various things. It could be their favourite colour, or their favourite book, or their all-time favourite song. The range was endless. Everyone has different visions, seeing as not every person is the same, not all visions are the same. These sights describe the personality of that so-called person, which is why they always vary a bit from the others. Except for two sights; these two sights are always common with everyone from my family— one of them would be us seeing through the other person’s eyes. We will be seeing the world through their eyes. We could see what he or she was doing at the very moment, this was usually the second last sight. The last sight would always be us seeing the person's eyes. It is like we are seeing a picture of just their eyes and how they look. I mean, that’s what I’ve been told by my uncles and aunts.

I have been waiting for the last sight ever since I got to know that my family was bestowed with this gift. I was enlightened with the knowledge of the sights when I was 12 years old. My parents sat me down and told me all about them. My father was the one who had these sights and the way he told me all about them and the rush he felt when he finally had his last sight and saw my mother’s eyes through it, he said, and I quote “I wasn’t the same person anymore”. It was too cheesy for my liking, but it was adorable, nevertheless.

Now, back to my sight, from what I could guess, she was reading something. Before I could even think about focusing on what she was reading with all her undivided attention, the sight was completed. This is the one of the things that I hate about these stupid sights. First, we have a huge headache because we can’t figure out who the person is, which eats us up inside considering how infuriating it is when you know only a few pieces of the puzzle, and from how it is turning out for me, it is taking forever to complete said puzzle.

First off, we can’t even control when we get them, and secondly, they are short-lived! They wouldn’t even let you figure things out properly about the other person, and that always added to my frustration.

I immediately sit up in my bed and start rubbing my eyes furiously. Yeah, like that’s going to help me get the sight back. “Great. Just great” I sigh while I plop back down on the bed staring at the ceiling and trying to rummage through my memories if I could remember something from the sight I just experienced.

Usually, the last two sights come one after the other between a span of a few minutes. I just hope the minutes go by quickly.

The mystery of who she is, is killing me. I just want to see her eyes and find her once and for all. The rest of the five sights had her favourite song, book, her childhood fictional crush (I despise this sight the most), a glimpse of half of her face from beneath her eyes. Couldn’t it just show me her entire face and get it over with? I will be ecstatic, wasn’t that enough? Clearly not because it didn’t show me her entire face. Rude. The fifth sight was her dancing to some song, I couldn’t figure out which song it was and yes, I couldn’t see her face in the sight. The sight made sure of it.

As I was busy pondering over the previous sights, my vision started turning dark again.

It is happening. I am finally going to see her eyes! Thank God.

I take a seat down on my bed just in case I faint out of happiness and hurt myself on the head.

That’s when I saw them in my mind’s eyes. They were enthralling, and they were…


Author : Asmi Pawar

Editor : Ariv Patankar

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