I am often associated with having an attitude and I’m sure many people can relate. I don’t understand, is it bad to be straight-forward? Is it bad that I question things that don’t seem right to me? And then people want me to apologize for “giving attitude”. I tell them every single time that I don’t have a problem apologizing, but at least give me a valid reason as to why I should apologize.

The truth is, these people don’t know the reason behind the things they are doing. It's evident every time I question them even about small things, for example girls not being “girly”. I am a girl and I don’t like gossiping, putting on nail paint, applying makeup or wearing dresses and I like hanging out with guys. Does that make me any less of a girl? Why do I have to apologize for who I am? I’m sorry I’m not feminine enough. Does that make me a guy? No! I am who I am, and I don’t need to be sorry. Then people say “No, but you are a girl and you aren’t supposed to be that way.” Sir, you are no one to tell me what I am ‘supposed to be’ and ‘supposed to do’.

Sometimes, I really wonder who decides the supposed needs of society? Who decided that females are supposed to stay home and cook while men have to work and earn? Who decided that men are supposed to be strong? Who decided the female section of the society is supposed to be shy and soft? Whoever did this was stupid, and people back then were stupid to follow them like a law. No one questioned, “Okay, but why?”

Society should be a free place for all, of course with laws and discipline, but laws should not take away anyone's freedom. No one should be “supposed” to do anything just because that's how things work. Things work the way you want them to work. Even if every person gives 70%, I guarantee you it will work. Only if everyone wanted everyone to be free. Only if they didn’t have the mindset of doing things they are “supposed” to be :).

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