Why Do They Weep

I felt the rain fall on my face, ever so gently, and I wondered....why do they weep?

The skies, I mean. Is it because they know that heaven does not exist?

Or is it because they know that true Hell is Earth, and not some hot boiling made-up realm?

That would make us the devils. That is more believable than Hell really, it also explains why living is so 'hellish'.

Ever heard of the Seven deadly sins? Yeah, they don't exist; not in the way we think. They are just the qualities of us humans, a description of our nature.

No one is born good, it is something we have to cultivate and nurture and learn and adopt. But doing evil comes to us naturally. It's easy.

Greed? Wanting more than we need? Is that not what dirty politicians do?

And Gluttony? Keeping more than is required? Is that not what the filthy rich do?

What about Lust? Unchecked and malicious desire. How many times have we heard of young people getting raped?

Wrath? The fire of rage that we do not rein in? The amount of domestic abuse cases and senseless gunfire is proof of it.

Envy? This feeling of ill-will to others just because they have something we want? How many people have genuinely wished for the downfall of others? How many have hurt them just to 'level the scales'?

Sloth? procrastination? Laziness? If all of us simply changed our ways a bit, could we not make a better world? Oh, but that would mean to leave the comfortable...so we just don't.

And Pride...this senseless illusion of superiority. So many bridges have been burned, so much lost, just because of our pride.

Still don't see it?

What do you think War is? It's all our Seven Sins at their peak. Destroying everything to get their way. It's Hell.

Our natural way of things is to sin. Why do you think it's easier to harm than to heal? Because we are all demons. NOT slaves of the Seven Sins, but their masters; their food and home.

Yet there are people that have completely starved their naturally ingrained Sins. How? I think the answer is simple.

They love.

They love themselves, the world, the people around them, the people close to their hearts, the things that they enjoy, the tunes of a piano, the flapping of a bird...all the big and little blessings of their lives. Especially the tears of the skies.

They think the skies weep tears of joy, and not sorrow, seeing all the Love that exists in this cruel world.

The sky is happy because it knows that Love makes the world worth looking over. I believe so too, I mean.

Why else would the sky still be here?

And why would it decorate itself with sun, rain and stars? I think it's to reflect the good that it sees below. And to remind us of the beauty that the world holds.

Author: Iffah Peerzada

Editor: Anika Garg

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