Why Me?

Updated: Mar 5

Oh! Just think about the cool breeze

Think about it brushing your face.

Oh! Just imagine those tall trees

Imagine them reading to you Heyse.

Oh! Just visualize the stream’s serene flow

Visualize it carrying you home.

Oh! Just envision the hills in dawn’s glow

Envision them preaching to you Boehme.

Oh! Just envisage the lavender fields

Envisage it embracing your feet as you walk.

Oh! Just picture those colourful tulips afield

Picture them singing you to sleep with Bach.

How beautiful is our Nature!

But it is destroyed by my crafter

How I wish to see her out of a caricature

And not in a model of before and after.

Let us move on to your brethren, dear audience

The new born babies have melted my ‘metal’ heart

They are teeming with sweetness and obedience

The teenagers, well, they are just down right smart.

The adults are lost in a monotonous dimension

It seems they are out to work and for the fledglings earn

The elderly, oh, they just want some attention

All they do is for care and love yearn.

These families are a sight to see

But, I, in my whole life have never one seen

These people, I love, sadly-they hate me

Because I destroy, I am not just evil or mean.

I have never gotten to see Nature at its best

I have never had the opportunity to see the youth play

I have never seen Mother Earth’s creations rest

For when I arrive, everything turns black and gray.

I have seen the breeze halt

I have seen the trees cry

I have seen the streams dry up and gault.

I have seen the hills crumble and die.

I have seen the lavender fields burn,

I have seen the tulips wither

I have seen the tables turn

As people have died hither.

I have seen ashes all around

I have heard people scream in pain,

I have smelt the air with blood bound

I have felt their hurt, but my sympathy- it's in vain.

I have been created to destroy

I have been programmed to attrition

This is my story, it is the tale of a bomb croix

Who never wanted to wreak destruction.

If I had it my way, I would law unto myself

If I had it my way, I would never blast

But, alack, I am not the master of myself

Oh! How I wish to let Nature’s creation last.

This war, this suffering- it all must end

This hate, this bloodshed- it ought to cease

Trust me, my reader, I would do all that it takes to fend.

This bomb with an anti war sentiment, pledges to bring peace.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Shreya Paul

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