wielders of the light

once upon a time

begins with good and evil.

there is always a villain,

and there exist heroes to defeat them.

there are times the villains

are hard to tell apart

from the rest

and there are times

those we perceive to be wrong-doers

are insightful creatures,

viewing the world from another perspective.

darkness soothes

it hides your weaknesses

and insecurities.

light repels the dark

it brings comfort and joy.

it is warm like the sun,

but burns in excess.

they coexist

a candle of hope dwells within us,

among our fears and traumas.

night is as important as day

pain needs an outlet as much as joy

but overcoming cloudy days,

requires the strength of a thousand suns.

they burn from within

light wielders walk among us

and when touched by them,

we become wielders of light too.

Author: Suditi Mukadam

Editor: Siddhansh Agarwal

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