Will we survive?

When I try and picture a future for myself, for our society, for us; my imagination always seems to fall through. The many things I have read about in books and the million thoughts that overlap each other, never can complete the picture in my head. It's as if the whole puzzle was built, every piece in place, except that one minuscule piece- so small, yet so important and oh, so conspicuous. The pandemic that made us prisoners in our own homes, left such an absurdly strong and powerful impact on us. The war brewing between Russia and Ukraine- is it time to hide in our homes, bolt the doors, shut the windows and pack our bags, just in case? Once again, because of yet another world war? Weren't the two we suffered enough? Were they not grotesque enough? Do we really need a repeat of that?

What will we tell our children? That oh, we had a few years of complete lockdown because of a disease that was determined to never leave, and when its spread did decrease, we had to go through a war; is that what we will tell our children when they ask us what our past was like?

Oh and let's not forget global warming! Why do people think this very, very serious problem is nothing more than a lie? A ruse? Why do people still pretend we are fine? That global warming is not causing much harm? That it is a problem that can be solved later? Can it, really? Will we ever get to solving it, before it gets to our health?

My hope for humanity is dwindling. How do we achieve peace, when we destroy the places where our own kind reside? Will the world truly reach an end, as the many predictions suggest? How can we live amongst each other when we do not trust the other? How can we survive when all we want to do is earn money, live luxuriously? Where have the last traces of kindness, humanity, love gone?

You know, the topic of 'futurism' is a vast one. So many things can be written about our future, an alternate reality, how we envision ourselves when we're all grown up, a parallel world, a more peaceful world. Yet, sometimes I cannot help but think, will our future be as beautiful as we wish it to be? I find it funny how people can simply pretend as if we are not dying and humans, animals and plants alike will not become extinct. Soon enough. Plants and animals are already going extinct, it's only a matter of time before us humans follow.

Imagine if that did happen. No plants, no animals, no humans. Not a single sound. No trace of any living being. No trace of us.

The barren land, accompanied only by the dust and sand. The sun, still shining bright, except it has no one to beam upon anymore. The moon, as beautiful and dark as she always has been; except this time, she does not pay witness to lovers in the dark, physically conveying to each other the love they hold for one another. The stars would still shine, but for whom?

The wind would still blow, but it would have nothing to sway, not one companion. I'm sure it would miss carrying our cheerful laughter, it would despise not having another tree to play with. It would be all alone. The water would still flow, yet no one would know. No one would hear its calls, no one would see its tricks. The buildings and monuments would still stand erect, but there would be no one to visit. No one to frequent 'em. The many things we built and made out of scratch would still be there, but we would not.

Author: Saptaparna Chakraborty

Editor: Rhythm Pujara

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