Winning from self

I felt the cold breeze hit my ruined skin,

The scars are getting worse and aching.

Tears flowing as if I couldn't escape anywhere else

My eyes were numb,

Knees buckled down

Hands not moving. And breathing as if almost stopped

Only one thing inside my head,

Why did you do that?

Heart begging for the warmth you gave

Mind flowing with the memories we made

My actions physically hurting,

Only to remove the mental hurt I'm facing.

Just wished for you to be there,

To tell me you'll be here

Even the clouds have gone dark

No light peeking through

No silver lining making sense

As if telling me, this is the damn end.

But I can't let it be. It can't happen this way

I have to fight. It's my fight.

Only I can win this.

Only I can rule over my fears. And I shall.

I can't let something or someone ruin me

I can save myself. But it will take me some effort.

I will need to hold onto something

But in the end, I shall breathe again

In the free air

I won't suffocate.

I'll smile with pride. I'll smile knowing I won. And it will be genuine.

Author: Prachi Saini

Editor: VR Kapse

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