Winter Feels


I feel this way

I can't explain today

Should I ask you to stay?

Or let you betray?

Should I hug you a little tighter today?

Because unlike before, this winter will take u away,

Take you away because you no more will be able to sway,

Or make me timid in your charming way.

I still can't decide if the day we met,

Was the day to rejoice or to regret?

I still fell for you, though I knew you would forget,

Why did I dream of you to be Romeo and me, Juliet?

Now being hurt when you left,

I am just a body which is soul bereft.

Wasn't love just a game show for you?

Didn't you say that u liked me too?

For you, maybe it was nothing new.

But today I will tell you something very true,

(From now your fall will continue).


Author: Tamanna V Editor: V.R. Kapse

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