Wish You Stayed

It was surreal, when I looked into your eyes. A flash of light, a tiny glint

And I couldn’t help smiling at your smirk - the arched curling of your lips.

I felt a spark light up - like under the open sky the fire crackles upon striking flints

Towering over, your shadow engulfs me; I feel protected in that eclipse.

It seems like a reverie, my fingers entangled in yours

How you play with the curls of my hair and trace my face with your hand

Holding me tight like a blanket; I can sense our auras merge

I just keep praying, for the sake of us, that these nights never end.

Morning is still a few hours away; I assure myself in the dark side

But fading away with the moonlight, you disappear with the first sunbeam

I wish I could hold on to you, on the beach we’d lay aside

In all the years of our love, I wish you stayed beyond my dream.

Author: Manaswi Priya

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