Wonders of Spring

I see colorful flowers bloom

As I walk past the Spring Garden opposite my room

Flowers big & small in various hues and shades

& tall grasses with sharp blades

Out in the garden & up in the sky

I gaze at the birds flying high

The sweet songs of birds from their nest

Seems they are ready to welcome a new guest

When I lie on the grass & glare at the sky

I see my granny amidst the clouds & begin to cry

I hear a voice & to my surprise, it’s ‘Mother Earth’

She says, “Don’t cry dear, it’s time to mirth.

Our dear guest Spring is on his way,

For all of us to play, swag & be gay.”

Ready to go back home after this talk

I was suddenly awoken by a discordant squawk.

Author: VR Kapse

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