Words can never hurt me?

"Sticks and stones

may break my bones

But words can never hurt me"

So often used,

But not so true

Since words can tear

and haunt me.

"I hate you!", from a lover's lips

"You're a waste!" from a mother

Are not as hard as bullets and bricks

But the hurt will make you shudder.

"I loved you" from a distant friend

"You're gone now" for the grave,

Have broken many a stone-hard heart

And left helpless were the brave.

You think that words are weaker than knives

That may be true, I know

Still, when we're in a dark rough place

It's love-lit words that light bestow

The inky pen is small in size

Yet it's mightier than the sword,

For a Pen can make dreams and kingdoms rise

But no weapon can speak for God.

So when you are saying bad, bleak words

Make sure you know their weight,

‘Cause sticks and stones may break my bones

But words can change my fate.

Author: Iffah Peerzada

Editor: Durva Shesh

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