Cars swerved along the kerbside,

Chains rattling, a jangling banjo.

She held onto the purple body.

Beside her, slept her mother's bones.


"Run", the crying deceased whispered.

Pale skin of the abused screamed in her ears.

The lost child looked at her guide beside.

The rain shattered against the windshield.

"A father".

Her father, a demon of grief.

The lashed, bruised soul cried within.

For the love they asked for,

the love they demanded,

Disappeared .

" I raised you"

In return, they asked for her as their eternal slave.

To dance for them, inside their dollhouse.

To put on shows

as her puppet master whipped her into submission.

"Love yourself"

For he never would.

The scars on their bodies stood as proof.

How could she be asked to love,

For all she had been taught was hate.


"Pray, he lets you live".

They ran when she had begged at their doorstep.

They scorned the wretched screams that exploded in her house.

They were blind as he drove the steel edge into her burning skin.

They lied.

Now, they asked her to love.

To love herself.

To douse the flames of anger that raged within her body.

As she stood there covered in her mother's blood,

As she stood there covered in her father's sin,

She knew the truth.

They lied.


Author: Debolina B

Editor: Vyomini

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